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Here's my realisation today. For ages I've been making the excuse that I can't have it all, can't do it all, shouldn't put too much on my plate... Despite my dreams for business and making a difference in the world and wanting to be a Super Mum. Among other things! I had a few little thoughts today that have shaken that idea all up, so here are a few reasons why I'm challenging that here and now.

#1 Time expands. Einstein said it so it must be true! I can talk about this a lot. If you've read the book The Big Leap you'll get it. If not this is a MUST READ. Changed things all up for me and helped me to get to a new level with how I live my life and it grew my business.

#2 In the same way that time expands (stop saying you don't have time! You do!) you make room for what you love. I have been really busy with two kids, hubby busy with his job, and mine requiring more of me than ever. But, something else just came along and I am truly madly deeply passionate about it and I find myself on it every spare second. I am probably finding at least an extra hour to work on this (oils) every day and I thought I was too busy for anything else.

#3 You've got to embrace your shadow. I've just started a book I found at my local Sallies called The Dark Side of the Light Chasers (I always find the best books at op shops) and her premise is that it's not in your best interests to shut the door on the stuff you don't like about yourself. If you can make friends with all the stuff that holds you back from who you want to be, then it literally liberates you and forges the path ahead. David Riddell has a similar approach (making friends with your unbearable feelings). So what does that look like for me wanting to be Super Mum? I have to make friends with In A Rush Mum, Tired Mum, Bored Mum, Impatient Mum, Angry Mum - all of the Mums I don't want to be. All the Mum's that seem to get in the way of me being Super Mum. Allow them to be a part of myself and see the gift that they actually bring.

We're so good at shutting down what we have been told is not good about us, and basically we throw the baby out with the bathwater when we do that. I can get to be a really Angry Mum at times. I KNOW all the reasons this is not good for me or my family. It's not who I want to be. It's something I have worked on so it's really frustrating when it comes out and I can easily feel pretty deflated and demoralised after yelling at my kids. But if I change it up and see what gift being an Angry Mum has brought me, something changes. Being that Angry Mum has brought me some super important communication with my daughter (who has eloquently expressed she doesn't like it when I yell; point noted my love!), it has brought about a real desire for me to work on my mood and my ways of disciplining and teaching my children. My husband and I now go to a regular parenting group which BLOWS MY MIND every time with incredible wisdom from a couple who have truly walked the walk and come out with grown kids who are their friends now. #Goals. It was part of the path that led me to Young Living Essential Oils which have given me incredible tools for elevating my mood and energising me. It led my husband and I to making the big call and taking our kids out of daycare and getting an Au Pair. Sounds fancy right? It's actually cheaper for us (because of our wonderful government and their grants for educating little minds). Ultimately it has made me FIGHT FOR BETTER and isn't this what any Super Hero does on a daily basis?!

So please Mum, whatever it is you're struggling with in the daily grind of parenting, find the gift in it. Allow yourself to be all that you are and bring your whole self to your parenting and life. You are Super Mum. You show up and you want the best and you can do it. You have so much to give and pour out and the WORLD needs what you've got to give. ALL OF IT.


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