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Hey there,

I'm writing this like a letter, I'm not sure why. But currrently I am sitting at the library waiting on some technical support for my 'real job' (not sure there is such a thing for a freelancer!) so it's the perfect time to reflect on my first month with essential oils.

As I said to my first oil party attendees you would have thought that just living here in Titirangi would have had me on oils by osmosis (it's a bit hippy where we live ;) but nope. My mum had taken us to a Naturopath when we were young for natural remedies. I remember the practitioner as a very happy helpful man with all these weird smelling potions and since then we have always had Tea Tree oil (or Melaleuca) in the house. But I haven't really used it heaps, and obviously it has a very pungent smell so I never would have thought to diffuse it willingly! Overall I just haven't led a very hippy lifestyle. Oh wait, I do have a penchant for op shopping. And nature. Anyway...

Oils found me. The light switched on after almost a year of my daughter having every cold turn into a cough that went all night, reduced all our sleep (many nights I got 0-1 hours) and left her having panic attacks and vomiting from the intensity of the coughing. It was heartbreaking, exhausting and overwhelming. Then a combination of things including a quite random email from someone I knew raving about oils and how they had brought incredible IMMUNITY to their family created the perfect storm to me opening up to the idea of these little bottles of smells actually being something effective and natural we could use to improve our life and health. And also, just by the way, she was now making income from loving them and in the next year projected replacing her husbands income as well. Needless to say this got my attention. Something NATURAL, FUN, that ACTUALLY WORKS and could also have the potential to produce income? Amazing!

From then on every night I went to sleep dreaming about oils. I had done a bit of research and decided against the brand she was using (read my post about why I chose Young Living), and had then realised that someone who's blog I've been following for a couple of years was into Young Living ones too. So with a bit of sweet talking (read: I told my husband I wanted it. For more on that read my post The Magical Power of Saying I Want) I had placed my order.

The days ticked by slowly as I waited and then darnit I came home to a note from the courier so had to race out to Avondale the next day to pick up my parcel. Aaahhh the excitement! As I opened it up I can't tell you how delicious and gorgeous everything was. Even the paper smelt good! Another hold up though - I forgot the diffuser would need an adapter for the American power plug. So another trip racing out with both kids in the rain to get my adapter. But I was hooked I can tell you. One smell of that Stress Away and I could literally feel my high strung nature being taken down a notch. Diffusing the Citrus Fresh just gave me a bolt of energy. Breathing in Thieves (one of the great immunity blends) was just tooo delicious. I was in love.

I got so overloaded with information and so distracted from my 'real' work. I was spending every spare second learning about oils, talking about the business, and wanting to just share these little magic bottles with everyone. I hosted my first oil party right off the bat (was fun for me but not very well planned sorry girls!) because I was so keen. I can't really tell you what exactly it is that makes me so passionate about them. And I totally understand the reaction of most people who would think I am nuts. Truly I can. But for me like I said it was just a perfect storm.

I was desperate for something/anything. And the something happened to be BEYOND ORGANIC (we all want that), beautiful & uplifting. Then surprise surprise they actually WORKED. (It's now been almost 3 months and while we have had a couple of colds the symptoms have been so minor and we have all bounced back really quickly. And after a year of intense colds through summer, to be in winter and well is remarkable.) And the COMMUNITY is incredible. I am now part of a bunch of Facebook groups, have multiple people I can talk to at any time about all things oils and have learned SO much in such a short space of time. Plus now I've been able to see my friends and family discovering oils too and it makes it all the more fun to share the joy.
In that first month everything was about playing and smelling and googling and starting to get in touch with other people who were loving the oils. It was a fun month and I have loved sharing it with the people in my life.

The way I use my oils daily looks like this:

Morning - I reach for a roller and start smelling. Rollers are a great quick way to get some smells on (my son calls them smells - sounds like cells actually which is fitting - anyway, it sticks). And they're great for kids as you can dilute them.

I drink Lemon Vitality in water and then a Thieves tea.

If I'm home I get the diffuser going. Citrus and Peppermint are great for energy boost and happiness, Christmas Spirit and Thieves has been a regular (it's winter here, it works!), I love Joy... Purification was one that grew on me more and more. And the latest fav was Peppermint and Copaiba which seems to work MAGIC on the kids and really give them a sense of calm and focus.

The kids get their rollers for many reasons - before naptime, when they're upset, I've made one for my daughter's sore tummies, so those get used throughout the day.

The Lemon Vitality in my water has made all the difference with my skin. After a year of troubles with it I'm finally onto a winning combo. At night I use my Peppermint and Citrus Sugar Face Scrub which gives me a skin buzz and leaves it feeling so soft. Then I use my Face Roller (blend of Witch Hazel, Purification, Tea Tree, Frankincense and Lavender) and then lather on the Coconut Oil. My skin has never been better, lines have faded and it's all just so delicious! Have I said that already?

In the afternoon I make a Liquorice tea with a drop of Digize (I find it hard to drink on it's own but I know it's a good one!) and then at night my husband and I have a Peppermint tea with a drop of the Peppermint Vitality oil.

For our sleep I use Lavender on the soles of our feet (we both find the smell too strong otherwise, and feet are a great place for the absorption of oils anyway). We also use Stress Away (which has Cedarwood in it). I've found it gives me the same effect as some natural sleep supplements I tried a few months previously. I also adore the smell so it's my favourite part of my routine.

I wasn't sure I would actually use all the oils in my Starter Kit but I think I use most of them on a daily basis! I've learned so much and there is still so much more to come.


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