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So here's the thing about essential oils and your husband (or partner or whatever male you're trying to convince about oils), and this is just my personal opinion... guys just don't get it.

I was recently at a web development training day that included lunch. The room was full of graphic designers (like me) and developers. Strangely, or not surprisingly at all, whatever way you want to look at it, all bar one of the graphic designers were woman, and all bar one of the developer peeps were men. Who would have thought?!

We had a great day, learned a lot and then came lunch. The table was there waiting, then came the plates, the napkins, the delicious wood fired pizzas... And collectively, I think we all felt it, every woman in that building thought to herself "But where's the salad?" It was a moment I tell you.

It made me think of the day I told my husband about oils and the ways girls and guys so often are so different. I have A LOT of ideas. Like every other day. It's something that runs in my family and it would frustrate the heck out of me at times when I would hear yet another brilliant idea and see no ACTION! Subsequently I have worked on creating more action (genius move I tell you.) And so in situations like my discovery of oils, when I felt so instantly obsessed/inlove/ideaszooming I knew I couldn't just bombard Aaron with every single thing I was thinking (I tell you it was true love at first sight. And I hadn't even smelt them yet!!! I was plotting and planning and dreaming and scheming for daaays). I knew if blurted it all out at him, especially something so woo-woo and hippy-dippy and weird - that he would leave me. Ha. Hopefully not actually - I'm dramaticising this all for effect. (Side note: Apparently dramaticising is not a word). So what I did was plot and plan and dream and scheme quietly in my own time. I researched, I googled, I contacted a few different people and every single night I went to bed thinking about oils.

And then, when I was quite convinced, and I knew exactly what I wanted and what my clear and concise plan was, I said I had a propostion for him. I got his attention, talked rationally (so I thought) and spelled it all out for him. Totally convinced in my own scheme for the health of our family and for me being able to turn it into a business (and not a burden costwise). His reaction? Let's just say he scoffed.

Fast forward a month and he's drinking Peppermint tea every night, asking for Stress Away, asking old ladies who seems to have found the fountain of youth (half jokingly) if they use Essential Oils and then coming home at night and telling me yes, yes they do - Lavender oil every day her whole life!

The proof is in the pudding for these guys and sometimes it can take awhile.

The bottom line was, I said to him I was convinced and confident and was going to make the purchase. So yeah that.


These are some notes from a great little online class Casey Wiegand and team have created for guys and oils (including the picture above) so I've copied a few things here.

There tend to be three similar questions guys have about essential oils...

+ Are these Voodoo Oils?
Short answer: No! This isn't a tough one to argue anymore. There's no chance that Young Living oils don't work. You really and truly couldn't pull the wool over this many people's eyes. There are so many amazing testimonies of health and wellness that people are shouting from the rooftops! These oils are changing things, how we take care of ourselves and our families. For EVERYONE: Old, young, male, female, sick, healthy, all experiences, all walks of life! Results don't lie.
There is so much research being done. More and more showing us how powerful and incredible these oils are. The Essential Oil Pocket Reference and The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple are other great resources for your skeptical guy. These will help them (and you!) be confident that we are dealing with facts. Quickly, you are able to jump on and let your you guys know that. Results don't lie. We can talk all we want to but the truth is in what we see happening.

+ Are these oils cost effective?
Quickly people will jump on and say we just can't afford the oils, these will be too expensive for our family. YES, there is money involved here. We would be silly not acknowledge that. BUT, there is money involved everywhere. You can pay for oils, you can pay for medicine. You can pay now, you can pay later. You can pay to eat well or you can pay to eat poorly and save money there but end up paying for it (health, time and money) later. At the end of the day: we will all pay a certain amount of money for our health. We can't assume that somehow we can avoid paying for our health: it will end up catching up to us! It's that age old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It's all about quality of life here, so much less time sick. It's not about NEVER feeling sick, never feeling bad. Our bodies don't work that way BUT it can drastically change how often that happens. Shortening and lessening those times each year our family gets sick is invaluable. This IS cost effective for us.

ALSO (!!!!!) Anyone who starts to get involved with sharing the oils: this becomes even more cost effective very quickly. Hello, free health care system. There are so many women who are having their oils, supplements from Young Living, etc (what they are doing to take care of their health) paid for!!!

+ Is this a trend? No. Essential Oils have been around far longer than the medications we use today. They have been around since the beginning of time! Plants are something put here on earth as something to help take care of us. Modern medicines are, often times, a feeble attempt to mimic to the effectiveness of these plants. In our desire to have things work fast and our mindset set as "we want it now and completely", we have tried to speed up the process of healing and relief....and we are paying the price for it. What we are doing right now isn't working

The best way to not be a part of this system: NOT to be looking at how we treat our symptoms and diseases, dealing with them after the fact. Let's get ahead and support our bodies and systems so we don't ever get there and prevent those problems to begin with!


Hormones are the starting point for so many other things. Until we get our hormones in balance it is hard to see results in the areas we are looking for results in! This is true for girls AND guys!

Studies show that low testosterone increases the likelihood of dementia, cardiac disease, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, and MORE. Other research shows that those with high testosterone have almost no chance of developing dementia. As they looked at people dealing with dementia and other similar problems: they almost always had low testosterone. Statistically brain issues like this are on the rise. We've got to start nourishing our brains and the way our body works so we can lessen those chances.

The second study shows that those with newly developed Type 2 Diabetes saw it drastically decrease after raising their testosterone levels. It's so important to remember: we can't just put a band aid on something and not do something that actually fixes the problem. There are things that are actually fixing the problem and things that are just getting us by. We want to fix our time and energy on the things that are actually going to correct what's going on.

"False studies have given it a bad reputation. Synthetic Testosterone has highly detrimental side effects to health."

Adding synthetic testosterone can do the exact opposite of correcting what you're trying to correct.


What Young Living offers us in place of synthetic testosterone is Shutran. Shutran does not contain testosterone; but supports the body's ability to produce it. It's a blend of several amazing oils so it's actually useable by both men and women. One of the key ingredients in Shutran is Idaho Blue Spruce.

+ Idaho blue Spruce has been proven over and over again in supporting libido in both men and women. This is an issue that doesn't get addressed a lot and NEEDS to! This goes so far beyond physical health but goes into relationship and emotional health and we don't want these areas of be out of whack because it affects so many other things. It is also an incredibly grounding and balancing oil and offers emotional support.

+ Ocotea & Honoki - These oils help with normal inflammatory response. So many of our health issues going on today deal with inflammation. We need to be doing anything we can to be supporting a normal level of that in the body, to be supporting our ability to reduce it and maintain it at a normal level. Many of you may already use Ocotea for supporting healthy blood sugar levels.

+ Ylang Ylang and Davana: These two together are very supportive of our endocrine system! Our endocrine system may be hugely out of whack, and sadly is, for the majority of us. It can make us feel defeated and have very low energy. Ylang Ylang brings emotional stability and a leveling out feeling.

+ Coriander, Cedarwood & Lemon: These oils combined are cleansing, uplifting, and supportive of the brain and emotions.

+ Lavender: Increases the effectiveness of all the other oils in Shutran. It helps them all work together, smells amazing, and is also very calming.

Fun fact! Studies show that Shutran doubled the sexual energy in 30 days in 80% of men. Hi, hello. There are very few things that bring those results, and there are so many men in need of support in this area: not only physically but also emotionally. Confidence, relationships, and so many other areas!

Application: On the forearms: 4x a day, more if needed!

If you're interested in anything I've mentioned here please go ahead and contact me through Facebook or by email! Would love to hear from you.


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