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I know some of you are totally sold on YL oils and all their products, some interested in the business as well, and some are just interested in making your life more whole/chemical free and adding oils in your own way... But I just wanted to share about the business side a bit.

Anyone who knows me knows I've always been in business and ultimately that involves sales. Which a lot of people seem to hate. Or be opposed to.
Especially network marketing!
(Click here to read Huffington Post's The Brutal Truth About Those Pyramid Schemes)

I've gotten over that because firstly I can't eat if I don't sell. Simple! I don't have a job that the government pays for! So I have to put myself out there. With graphic and web design, in the past with our bookstores, with painting, and now with oils. And secondly, when Aaron and I succeed, other families benefit. Aaron has done incredible things at his work (a charitable trust that relies on sales to survive) and because of it they were recently able to employ a father of 7 who needed the work. And relocate another family with young kids to Auckland for a promotion. And give paid leave to 2 staff members who have been sick and one caring for someone with Stage 4 cancer. Nevermind the actual service they provide to all of their customers in the meantime. And I've been able to create work for others too through design, for our au pair, and in time more for the people on my oil team too. So wherever you put your money it changes things as I know you know!

When it comes to these oils, I actually don't "sell" them. You go online and easily set up your own account and do it all yourself (learn more here). And the thing is regardless of what incentives they give me I would be promoting their products no matter what because they are life changing! I just received this message from my 'leader'. (It's a funny thing to call her, basically she is just the girl who introduced me and got me using these). Basically I want to share this and want you to know that for me and all those above me, aside from the money (which is great!) we started this and continue doing this out of LOVE.

Casey Wiegand and family (pre rainbow baby Adelaide ;)
"I know we talk a lot of business in here but wanted to make sure and take a minute to let you know the REASON why we talk so much strategy and business is at the end of the day because we desperately want success and freedom for each and every one of you.
We love you. We believe in you.
More than you can imagine!
And I never ever want that to get lost in translation.
The beauty in this business is the people. and the relationships. Seeing families and people's lives change is something that I will never ever grow numb to.
Truly my life is forever changed because of every single one of you and I never for a second would take that for granted.
The month of August is 2 years of building for me.
This month marks 2 year of my life never being the same.
What you guys have given my children and my husband and myself is something that I could never truly express all my thanks for.
What this sweet community has given my soul is truly beautiful. It's been life-giving to connect with so many precious people on a daily basis. I often have to pinch myself, is this real life that this is my job?!
I love each person on this team.
Know you are loved and prayed over often.
Know that I truly believe you are here on this team by no accident."
- Casey
I'm going to get cheesy but thank you Casey! Thanks for supporting me in my oily journey and for giving me so much inspiration to just get in and start using these beautiful oils. Thanks for putting me on a great team of other oily mummas (Rachel and Kristan!) and for creating such a great space to learn and grow and support each other. I love that in doing this business we all win. These oils have made such a difference in my family's life. My kids are healthier, I'm happier, I'm sleeping better, my mum has been able to reduce a couple of different medications (including Thyroid ones) AND she just got back from the Dentist who could not believe the change and health in her gums and wants what she's using (can you say Thieves Toothpaste?!)

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the testimonies and results I've heard and seen firsthand in just a few short months of these oils. I want everyone to be empowered to get a hold of them and use them too. There's no other oils I'd trust for my family. And nothing I can think of that's a better thing to have on hand for any mum! Or want-to-be-mum. Or kids-left-the-nest mum. And for that reason the business side is a no brainer. But I can't spend the time I do sharing these products to the level I do without the financial support they give me. I have people thanking me for introducing them to the oils and yes in so many ways that is payment enough, but realistically our family requires finance to function so the compensation plays a big part in the picture for me. 

Like I said I've always been in 'business'. Definitely with varying levels of success, but for the most part of the last ten years most of my income has come from being self employed. And so I must be honest that a big part of the draw for me in choosing Young Living oils was that side of it. But I know that's not the case for everyone. Something like 95% of Young Living customers are just that: customers. And only a small percentage pursue the business side of things.

But I want to make sure everyone who signs up with me knows about the business side of things and it starts with this...
Do you love your oils? Do you adore your Thieves? Do you delight in having an alternative, safe and delicious alternative to your old first aid kit that you know is safe and actually works? And if you answered yes to all of any of those things then I'll ask you two more questions...

1. Do you want other people to have the goodness you have?
2. Would you like to have your oils (and Thieves toothpaste, and cleaning products etc etc etc) paid for?

And if you didn't answer yes to both of those then get outside your head, take away all the fear, doubt, insecurity of I couldn't do that and ask those questions again.
For me it's a no brainer. I literally want every person I know to use these oils. I want them to know the immunity building, energy enhancing, emotion lifting pure goodness and joy that they have brought me. And secondly, yes please, can I have all of mine FO FREE?!

Guess what the best part is? It's NOT HARD. The oils sell themselves. This we know. All you have to do is show your friend, your mum or your neighbour how to sign up, they get to join your team and everyone wins!

Here's a breakdown of how it looked (and how I made nearly $400NZ in my first month)...

Is That All? No Way!

There's so much more, but I'm keeping this simple for you. But do know that you can also advance in rank with the company and qualify for profit sharing, all-expense paid company retreats, generational commissions and so much more!

One of my favorite things to show people who are interested in starting a Young Living business is the average monthly income by rank in US dollars (based on Young Living members in 2013 who ranked at Star or above):

RankAverage Monthly IncomeAverage Annual Income
Senior Star$261$3,132
Crown Diamond$57,300$687,600
Royal Crown Diamond$106,432$1,277,184

For more info on the ranks and average pay please click here (I'm not allowed to talk $$$ without directing you to this!).


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