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The Science of Smells and How They Affect our Emotional Wellbeing

"Have you ever noticed how smells, like bread baking, can send you back to a childhood memory and all the feelings associated with your favourite grandmother?

Smell accesses the limbic system of the brain which is the seat of ouremotions (Molecules of Emotion: Candace B. Peri, Ph.D) Ancient Egyptians used essential oils to clear specific emotions and recorded them on the walls of certain healing chambers.

Sesquiterpenes (like in Frankincense and Sandalwood) help to increasethe oxygen in the limbic system of the brain which in turn "unlocks" the DNA and allows emotional baggage to be released from cellular memory.Emotions have been found to be encoded within the DNZ of cells and passed on from generation to generation. Emotional behaviour patterns have even been found to be "locked" within families. Transplant recipients report strange memories and desires (The Heart Code, Paul P. Pearsall).

More recently, studies at New York University proved the amygdala gland (the gland in the limbic system of the brain that stores and releases trauma in the body) does not respond to sound of sight or touch, but ONLY releases emotional trauma through the sense of smell. (Unlocking Emotions with Essential Oils, Kathy Farmer)"

Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils, Carolyn L. Mein, D.C.

I had wondered why I have felt so much better emotionally since using oils - obviously they make me happy because they're lovely and fun and have given us so much immunity and better sleep... but emotional health is such a vital part of wellness too. So now I'm very keen to learn more!

"Joy", a Young Living essential oil blend was one of mine that I had to try and have also found that being conscious and intentional about using it - and facing up to my melancholic disposition and not rejecting that but working with it, has helped the most.

Have it diffusing now aaahhhh

I would love to know if you've had any experiences with your emotional wellbeing and oils? Or do you have ones you'd like to try for that reason?


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