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Bringing in the Silly Season

I cannot tell you how excited I am about Christmas. Are you the same? Do you start writing gift lists in October and count down the days until you put up your tree? Having come from a retail background (we owned a couple of bookstores a few years ago) it was a bit ridiculous. We would order all our Christmas stuff in July. So forgive me if I think November is getting late into the season.

I have a few festive recipes to share which I will add to my Facebook group. Diffuser blends and all things oils of course. And on that note, if you purchase the incredible, better than ever Premium Starter Kit this month not only do you get gifts from me, become part of a beautiful community, and above all get your very own oil collection and diffuser (think all natural medicine cabinet for your body and soul...) but you ALSO get the Christmas Spirit blend! Your family will love you, the carols will sound sweeter, you will eat less chocolate (because it's so delicious) and all in all you will be proud as punch of yourself for being so darn clever ;)

And yes, in case you were wondering, I already have Christmas Spirit. I bought mine in July.


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