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Clean Green 2017

This has been my catch phrase coming into the New Year. It's been an interesting time for me to reflect. A year ago I was attempting to go all out Paleo for my family. Was desperate for more health and energy and it all sounded so good. But for me it was just too big a goal. It brought about some great changes which we've maintained but it did not bring me more energy. And probably made me burn out a bit with two very little kids who had fussy tendencies so then I would fall back on the crap food just to appease them and feel defeated. Especially when we had a lot of sickness. We stumbled and fumbled our way through the year but health did not get better. It's hard to get ahead when you are just plagued with sickness which we just seemed to be.

Then we got OILS which changed everything and I've written a lot about them I know. We now use them for everything - cleaning products, beauty products, immunity, emotions, moods, focus, pain relief, allergy support... the list goes on. And when you get onto a good thing you can't help but add to it and keep making changes. We discovered Eliza was intolerant to dairy so now we are mostly dairy free. And I've discovered I don't do well with gluten. So our diet is not quite Paleo but getting cleaner, greener and less processed all the time. And those changes were smaller and easier to make one at a time.

It has been great to start 2017 feeling inspired, and having implemented some good stuff into our routines. Starting with small steps and knowing the WHY behind why I'm doing it is so important to make the changes last. And also keeping it positive. I have lost weight but that was not my intention. A big reason diets don't work is often you're starting from the negative (I'm too fat/I hate my body/my body has to change etc). For me, I love my kids, I love them to be healthy, and that's why I make the effort to give them good food. And I have tried treat myself with the same attitude. I like my body (ooh still a bit hard to write to be honest)... But I do. It's good. I have arms and legs and a beating heart. I can hug my kids and kiss my husband. Some people can't. Sometimes you have to start with the small things but when you start with GRATEFULNESS everything else is easier. I look after my body because it's looked after me. And I put nutritious things into it and it pays me back by giving me more energy, resilience and joy, and the bonus of losing weight has made me feel better and added to the cycle! Why it has taken this long for me to get I don't know. But I've got it now so here's to 2017 and the clean green life.


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