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This is an absolute must read for me. I've read it twice and will read it again. I found this review which says it better than I could...

"The Big Leap revolves around the interesting proposition that while we all like to feel good, most of us have acquired a ceiling for our expectations in the course of growing up. The optimism and exuberance of childhood have given way to a darker view of how the world works and our place in it. We then make our reality conform to our expectations and engineer circumstances to bring us back to the "safe" upper limits our subconscious has imposed on us.

This has the effect of our putting on the brakes whenever we get out of our zone of comfort - what Hendricks calls our Zone of Competence or even of Excellence. But his mission is to get us to recognize our upper limit problem and break through it to living in our Zone of Genius. This is the sweet spot where we are doing work that nurtures our spirit and offers lasting contentment.

What I was most taken by was his "Ultimate Success Mantra" and what I would call the Golden Rule for the Quantum Age, because while affirming that you expand in abundance, success and love every day, you do so by means of inspiring others to do the same. It reinforces the understanding of our interconnectedness and predicates your ultimate success on what you radiate back to others. This is the true Law of Attraction in action. Get the book and let its wisdom inspire your Genius."

Review by Miriam Gray (edited)


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