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Oils for emotional support - do they really work?

I began using oils for the immunity. Then I started changing over to all the chemical free cleaning (some DIY, some the Thieves Cleaning line), but the surprising reason I will forever love Young Living with all my heart is the EMOTIONAL OILS. 

Emotional oils...?

Yup. Using Stress Away every day, multiple times a day, was such a help for me especially in the crazy toddler season with 2 under 3 high energy kids. It was my drug and I was so happy to have something so purely real and beneficial to be that 'drug' for me and help get me through some incredibly long tough days.

The thing with oils is, they're NOT a pill or a silver bullet. But they do work with your body to recalibrate and for me the 'side effect' of using the seed-to-seal oils was it just opened my eyes to really cleaning up every area of my life. Like I said, getting rid of chemicals, we got a water filter, my diet changed, I started to learn and implement more mindfulness in my life... The list goes on and continues to go on firstly because in no way have I mastered any of it, and secondly because I am continually inspired by these products and there are still so many to try!

How can essential oils impact our emotions?

The limbic system of the brain plays an important role in creating different emotions and feelings. It is often called "the emotional switchboard of the brain" because it's responsible for carrying sensory input from the environment to the hypothalamus and then from the hypothalamus to other parts of the body.

Essential oils can have dramatic effects on limbic function, your emotional state, and how you feel. This is directly related to their strong aromatic fragrance. Essential oils contain volatile molecules that can make their way into your bloodstream and many can travel directly through the blood/brain barrier very quickly (because they're so tiny!). This is why we only choose oils we completely trust!


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