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Favourite oils spotlight: Inner Child

Stress patterns on repeat

"Stress is a mess of chaotic survival messages whipping through our body at high speed. These messages can keep us sick, tired, angry, hurt, stuck, sad, and put us into a total fog day after day. Inner Child essential oil blend releases emotions that distort memories in our cells. Think of this like a picture or video of past events where little edits were made to present something threatening, even if that was not the case. 

The symptoms of this vary widely, but we might notice some patterns: 

  • When someone tries to be honest, especially friends/family, we continually hear their voice criticizing us for months afterward. 
  • We find ourselves revisiting the same short list of past hurts on a regular basis, telling stories about what someone did or said to us, thinking each time that if we just vent...the pressure of that pain or offense will let up. 
  • We create an image of ourselves (typically a bad one) and no matter what we do to take care of ourselves, that recording makes sure we stay ashamed, disappointed, and hopeless, or... 
  • We finally start feeling better about ourselves because we have fulfilled an imaginary list of “things that will make us feel accomplished” - only to find that the stress of keeping up with that list starts to slowly steal from our relationships and our sanity.


​The word for this emotional cycle in a nutshell is: Distortion

Distorted self image invariably results in distorted perception of others. 

Distorted memories are like scales where we move the weights around to try to make the blame make sense - it was all me, or it was all them.

​Another issue this leads to is erratic energy.

This is where we experience the extremes of being overstimulated and trying to do everything at once followed by periods of exhaustion where we can hardly do anything. These are patterns that signal we are in distress. 

Thankfully, Inner Child is not just a haphazard blend of oils that smell nice! It’s a combination high in compounds that can cross the blood brain barrier to reprogram bad coding from the cells. Then other compounds rewrite that code to restore the original perfect copy, one that will not keep us pulled into the physical and emotional effects of stress. This is a process, but the great thing about our essential oils is that we have a CHOICE to embrace that process instead of loading our bodies up with lots of toxins and other things that create more confusion in the cells. 

When it comes to this cycle of what is distorted in our cellular memory, we have straightforward options - to become aware and to receive love that can cover all the ugly stuff that vulnerability brings up, or to keep the door closed, saving the consequences for a later time when our body is too compromised to hide it anymore. As you peel back the layers, don’t be concerned if you don’t have all the answers!

Try this simple activity

Part of the release is allowing yourself to ask questions again. Here’s something simple to try. 

Activation: Place several drops of Inner Child in your diffuser. You can also apply some around the navel and rub a drop into your palms to inhale directly. Think about some of the patterns that came to mind as you read through this post, and ask yourself:

  • What else is possible? 
  • How does this old memory/pattern benefit me? 
  • Can I release this? 

Don’t push too hard to answer the questions yet. Sit with them, because this tape has probably been on repeat in your cells for a long time. You know the drill, commit to putting Inner Child in your diffuser rotation for the rest of the month! Our emotional patterns that took a lifetime to form aren’t going to get unraveled completely in one day." 

Info by Carissa Sherman

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x Shay and Kristy


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