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All You Need To Know To Get Started On ER

If you're placing a monthly order, you NEED to be on this! If you find yourself placing a 100+ order every few months - you need to be on this.
Or, if you're brand new to oils and there's a few extras you've been eyeing up, this is the perfect month to sign up and give it a try!

What is Essential Rewards?

ER (Essential Rewards) is basically a monthly auto-shipment program that YL offers.
You earn generous points as you go which are redeemable on products and it completely customisable by you.
You only order what you want when you want.
The only requisite is you must set your order to a minimum of 50PV each month.
(PV generally = US$)

You can cancel anytime!

That's right.
There is no long term commitment here.
You can cancel at any time, there are no fees - even if you cancel the following month.
Essential Rewards is purely for your benefit, it was created to help you, not rob you.
The only catch: Make sure you use up those ER points on products before you cancel, once you cancel, you lose those.

Free Products...

So this is the heart of ER - it's the lovely points you accumulate buying products you would be buying anyway and then using those points to purchase oils, shampoo, Thieves cleaner - all your choice!

To start with you get a generous 10% back in points (which you can begin to use after 2 months).
Then it only goes up!

I'm a points hoarder so am saving them for something extravagant but other people start using them asap (you can use them after 2 months).

And they've just introduced gifts at anniversaries too - at 3, 6 and 9 months you get an extra free oil as a gift!

Reduced Shipping!

YL knows how shipping can add up quickly, so they offer reduced ER shipping rates based on weight.
Depending on the products you are buying there will be a choice between DHL and Fedex...
There are a few quirks with us in NZ and customs so get in touch if you're unsure about anything in your order (and keep it under NZ$400 including freight!)

Change Your Order Every Month

There are a few things that I order every single month, but for the most part I change almost all of the products from month to month.
This month I added in Kids Shampoo, White Angelica oil and Surrender (I need all the help I can get...)
There's no getting locked in to a particular order so you can gradually transform your home to a greener healthier and happier home one order at a time.

You can always change your ship date.
Just log into your VO (virtual office) and pick the date that suits you best each month if you want to.
My regular day is the 26th but the last 2 months I've had it ship early by selecting Manually Process (it never comes soon enough...)

Monthly Promos

This is the GOLD.
FREE oils.
Every month there are different oils and products on offer for hitting certain PV values.
This is an example of October's promos and is the first time a 100PV amount gets a freebie!
So good.
Unfortunately it's too risky to do those amazing 300PV orders here in NZ but hey, we can go shear a sheep and make our own dryer balls anyway right?! ;)

Here's an example of the free vs purchased oils:

Move that budget

For me the key to affording Essential Rewards was shifting money I would otherwise spend on cleaning products, supplements, wellbeing, pampering and gifts, and putting it into these products. Now I'm in my 4th month (and just doubled my points back!) it's a no brainer.

Here's a little example of how you can spread your spend over a year to transform your home to a happier healthier chemical free haven.
And the points you would earn have since gone up so it's even better.
Above are options (read: optional, not necessary) for an extra great value order.

Get Your ER Oils Paid For

That sounds amazing right?
A really great way to do this is by offering family and friends a one-time opportunity to purchase oils they've been wanting to try through your account.
You'll hit the monthly promo you're after, receive free products, and then you purchase the oils you want with your ER points you earned on their order.

(And, just quietly, when they get hooked, and want their very own Premium Starter Kit, YL sends you US$50, making your next order paid for as well!)

So what's on your wishlist...?

Click here to create your order then try not to sit by the door til that courier delivers you all that goodness!
Rollers are a delish convenient way to have oils on the go or a great pressie!
Only in Essential Rewards can you get the Thieves ER Kit - so much value jam packed. Click here to view it.
This is reason alone to get on ER. Progessence Plus. Personal testimony = no more time of the month cramps. Need I say more?!

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