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Hey there, kia ora and welcome to your new oil community. If you're not already part of it then we want you here too! Some of us have been using oils for years, others are new to it all, but we are all learning more every day about how these incredible little bottles of pure + potent plant oil can benefit us and our bodies and support our health and wellbeing. 

For many of us they have opened the door to a whole new world of health as we have looked seriously at the things we are putting in our bodies and bringing into our homes and families lives. Whether you want pure beautiful make up, natural and powerful cleaning products, or essential oils for wellness support this is the place to be.

Shay Peat

Independent Distributor Number 3974451

Kristy Atkinson

Independent Distributor Number 4015272

Sue Patience

Independent Distributor Number 3998879

Your person not here...?

There are now over 145 people in our team. Wow! Many of them are just loving and using their oils. And some love to share and do classes. Please contact me if the person who got you interested is not here and I'll make sure they get added and get you the correct details.

About Kristy

Kristy has been a member of Young Living since mid 2016, and has seen a huge improvement in her emotional health, and the oils making a big difference with her children (three sons aged 1, 5, & 7), and uses essential oils widely in her family home. She has also seen the benefits of moving to a chemical free house, and uses and loves many of the Young Living home and body care products.

After seeing many friends benefit from the use of essential oils her passion has grown and in mid 2018 she will travel to the Young Living Grand Convention to meet a whole lot of new friends including many who have supported us all in our oily journey from the start.

She actively runs classes, such as Intro to Essential Oils and Chemical Free Living, Essential Oils and Emotions, and would love to run a class for you and interested friends. More class topics are being added, the next being Savvy Minerals Makeup, and Essential Oils and Hormones, and Natural Skincare. Her son's kindergarten also uses a diffuser and essential oils.

Kristy has a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) and is fascinated by the chemistry of essential oils. She would love to help you get started on your essential oil or chemical free journey, so get in touch.

About Sue

Sue is a registered nurse working with people who need dialysis. Her love of oils began a couple of years ago and she loves the support she's found for sleep, chemical free cleaning products (that WORK. And smell amazing), and the team who are all around the world (especially in the US, Australia and New Zealand.)

Sue has three grown kids, 5 grandchildren and is always hoping for more of those ;) They all love their "Gaga".

Sue has recently undergone training in the Raindrop Massage method and you can find out more and make a booking HERE.

About Shay

I started using essential oils because we were literally sick and tired from being sick and tired. For over a year Eliza was getting coughs that would keep her (and I) up all night, they would turn to vomiting or at least run her down so much that she was picking up every tummy bug that was going and the coughs were lasting up to 8 weeks at a time. Arlo was dropping sleeps which he needed, I was turning into a crazy person (or in the least extremely grumpy all. the. time.!) and I was desperate to try almost anything for help. 

I read a friend's email about essential oils and IMMUNITY and discovered Young Living essential oils (which are the most pure, beyond organic and NEVER expire oils!) and immediately made the purchase. These were quite new to New Zealand at the time so it was hard to find information, and to be honest my husband was completely sceptical and I felt like it was a bit of a gamble! But if you were to ask me the best decision I have ever made for my family...? This was it. It was a game changer.

It's only been a couple of months but these oils have seen breakthroughs in immunity, bouncing back from the one cold we did get (was the first time in a year Eliza's cough didn't turn into prolonged suffering! In fact the one night she did cough within minutes of putting the diffuser in her room she stopped and that was that.) 

I got an oil called Stress Away that is not only delicious but reduces that AAAHHH feeling from life with high energy kids. The house smells amazing without putting harsh chemicals into or onto our bodies and we've been making the switch to a chemical free home starting with the incredible Thieves cleaning range. 

It's been the best decision I've made for our family and the kids just love getting out their little rollers and smelling the 'smells'. It's such a fun way to do healthy and make a positive change and that's why I just have to share this amazing stuff.


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