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Helpful tips and tricks to get you started are here!

Now that you've signed up, your oils should arrive within a week. You can find tracking in your virtual office under "my account". Make sure you keep note of your PIN number that you created when you signed up for future reference. 

Here's a bit of info to get you ready and help you get the most from your kit...

Come and join in on the Facebook Groups! Join Savvy Oilers here and some other favs are: The Oiled Essential and CaseyLeighEssentials and Baby Steps to Wellness. There is also one called Pregnancy, Nursing, and Babies with the Baby Steps Team. Get in touch with us to add you to any of these, they are a great way to get to know your oils. Introduce yourself there, ask questions, check out all the amazing information and make this community part of your oily journey. The groups are all run by people in our "Upline".

When your kit arrives get your diffuser cranking! Some of our favs from the Starter Kit to diffuse are

  • Peppermint + Lemon + Lavender
  • Thieves (always Thieves!)
  • For sleep time try Lavender and Valor on your toes
  • Homework or focused play time try Peppermint

Make sure you check underneath the ten oils - so many goodies in there! Pop the Ningxia in the fridge for a morning kickstart (it's delish, drink it straight from the pouch), and then find the STRESS AWAY and get that on you.

Choose what to pop your roller on (there's a little roller head that you can pop onto any bottle). Stress Away is great, Frankincense is amazing for your skin and Thieves for immunity support so it's up to you!

Apply your roller top


This is a great overview of all the oils included in your Starter Kit and some great uses for them:

This is a more thorough overview of oils, how to use them, some great recipes and tips and information...


We love to help with anything so please keep in touch and let us know your amazing stories too - watch this space for our testimonials page :)


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